Leadership Academy

Cover Image The Center for Student Involvement Leadership Academy is a comprehensive four component program open to all Cal State L.A. students and is designed to develop students into transformative leaders, empower individuals, and inspire students involved with University clubs and organizations to further and strengthen their communities. Through the following CSI programs offered during the course of the academic year, students can tailor their Leadership Academy involvement based on their availability:

The U-Lead program
Year round

You're in the driver's seat when it comes to starting your leadership journey at Cal State L.A. The U-Lead program is ready to help you navigate and develop your leadership experience on campus and beyond.
Once you answer the call to lead, through this program you will be able to:
• Define your leadership styles and identity
• Enhance important life skills essential to leading successfully
• Understand the building blocks for effective leadership
• Network with current student leaders, faculty, and staff members at the University Whether you're a new student discovering your talents or a returning seasoned leader, the U-Lead program can help accelerate your leadership journey to success, providing you with the tools and resources necessary for analyzing problems and implementing solutions related to your daily call to lead.
U-Lead requires no sign ups or applications. Dates and times of workshops will be listed in the University-Student Union calendar of events.

Leader to Leader
Spring quarter

Juniors, seniors, and graduating graduate students are encouraged to participate in Leader to Leader, a spring quarter lunchtime seminar series designed to provide advanced leaders with opportunities at refining their leadership skills in preparation for their post-Cal State L.A. transition.
Students will be able to engage with inspiring Cal State L.A. speakers, develop a professional resume, gain interview techniques and create valuable on-campus connections with participants and University administrators. Applications will be available in the winter quarter.

Leadership Exploration and Advancement Program (L.E.A.P.)
Fall quarter

The Leadership Exploration and Advancement Program (L.E.A.P.) aims to engage students in the discovery of personal leadership identities through a variety of seven interactive sessions during the fall quarter. Participants will be exposed to the Social Change Model and explore its application for the settings Cal State L.A. leaders will encounter; the classroom, clubs and organizations, the workplace, and the larger community. Students participating in L.E.A.P will also be able to participate in off campus developmental opportunities that will challenge them mentally and physically.
This program is offered various Fridays from 10:00am-12:00pm during Fall quarter. This introductory session will provide students with a complete overview of the series and provide them with the information they need to "Take the L.E.A.P." Don't miss out on this unique experience!

Leader Project
Winter quarter

The Leader Project is an excellent interactive opportunity designed to provide new and continuing students with the opportunity to learn more about leadership as well as analyze your actions, ideas and thoughts on leadership. Through practical application and experiential learning, this program will explore personal experiences and values as the formation of individual leadership styles. To be the best possible leader, one must know themselves and how their actions can affect others.
This program includes the study of leadership as well as the application of leadership theories, concepts and skills. Students will need to make a ten-week commitment during winter quarter to The Leader Project.


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