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The University-Student Union Board of Directors is the governing board for the Student Union comprised of faculty, staff, and eight elected student leaders. The Student Directors represent their fellow students, build relationships with individuals across campus, and enact the mission of the Student Union and help to make the University-Student Union the best it can be!

What is the role of the U-SU Board of Directors Member?

  • Attend U-SU Board of Directors meetings. Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at 2 PM     The term of this appointment is July 2019-June 2020.
  • Represent other students by actively seeking out their opinions on U-SU programs, services, and
        building use.
  • Chair and/or serve on at least one U-SU standing committee.
  • Participate in U-SU programs and events as your schedule allows.
  • Ask questions!.
  • Interact with Board members, U-SU staff members, student assistants, and guests to the building so     together, we can enhance the services currently offered.

What is the difference between the U-SU Board of Directors and A.S.I.?

The University-Student Union Board of Directors is charged with managing, supporting, and advocating for the
University-Student Union on campus. The Board of Directors is comprised of 16 member, 8 Student Directors, who are tasked with overseeing the Student Union, which includes the Cross Cultural Centers, Center for Student Involvement, Xtreme Fitness, and other departments that support student development on campus. A.S.I., or the Associated Students, Inc. is the student government for the University. A.S.I. serves as an entity for student input in governance on campus, oversees club and organization funding, and provides discounted tickets to local attractions, among other responsibilities. Both the University-Student Union and A.S.I. are non-profit auxiliaries on campus. They differ in structure and purpose.
For more information about each, please visit University-Student Union and A.S.I.

Do you have what it takes to serve of the U-SU Board of Directors?

    Undergraduate Candidates must:

  • Have been enrolled at Cal State LA and completed two quarters prior to applying.
  • Have earned no fewer than 9 quarter units of academic credit during that year prior to consideration.
  • Have earned a 2.0 or better grade point average during the 12 months immediately preceding the quarter in which     the appointment occurs.

  • Graduate Candidates must:

  • Have earned 8 quarter units per period of continuous attendance as a new graduate student to be eligible.
  • New graduate students who received a bachelor's degree or credential within the past three years from Cal State LA     must have earned a total of 18 units during their last year as an undergraduate to be eligible.

What Can You Gain from Serving on the U-SU Board of Directors?

  • Develop your leadership & communication skills.
  • Build your academic and professional resume.
  • Network with campus administrators, staff and other students who serve on the BOD.
  • Influence the future of the University-Student Union as you provide opinions on existing programs, services,
       and policies.
  • Meet new people and develop long lasting relationships with a diverse group of people from across the campus.

I Have More Questions About Applying. Who Do I Contact?

For more information on the application process, please visit the University-Student Union administration office in room 306 or call Joe Sedlacek, Assistant to the Executive Director, at 323.343.2461.