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Asian Pacific Islander Student Resource Center

The Asian Pacific Islander Student Resource Center is one of the four identity-based centers within the Cross Cultural Centers at the University-Student Union. The APISRC was established in 1993 to address the growing needs and concerns of the Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American student population while enriching and raising social awareness for the entire campus community. The APISRC provides services and support for students who identity as, or are interested in, AA, PI, and DA community and cultural issues.

Today, the APISRC continues to serve the mission through 4 components:

1. Cultural Education – Provide scholarly and cultural education programs. Approaching cultural diversity from an academic perspective that provides the entire campus community with an opportunity to culturally engage and learn outside of the classroom
    - Issues such as Racism, Stereotypes, the Model Minority Myth, AA&PI Invisibility, Proximity to Whiteness, and AA&PI history
2. Cultural Engagement – Provide opportunities for students, staff, faculty, and community members to be part of the practice, celebration, and demonstration of cultural celebration and joy
    - Lunar New Year Celebration
    - Filipino American History Month and Larry Itliong Day
    - Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
    - Mahjong Monday
    - Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Graduation Celebration
3. Cultural Student Development – Provide students with opportunities to develop their academic, professional, and personal growth during their undergraduate experience
    - P.A.L.S (Peer, Advocacy, Leadership, and Solidarity) Mentorship Program
    - Workshops, trainings, and guest lecturers
    - Volunteer within committees to develop leadership and team-building skills
4. Cultural Environment Enhancement – Provide a safe space on campus for APIDA-identified students where they see themselves reflected, embraced, celebrated, and validated. Resources available within the center:
    - Microwave and mini-refrigerators for students to store their lunch
    - Library curated with AA&PI identified authors
    - Study and lounge space

APIDA P.A.L.S. Mentorship Program

The Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) P.A.L.S. (Peer, Advocacy, Leadership, and Solidarity) Mentorship Program is dedicated to supporting APIDA-identified students through cultural identity development while cultivating a sense of community support, belonging, and inclusivity on Cal State Los Angeles’ campus

APIDA P.A.L.S.' commitment to achievement through 4 components:

- PEER: New students will be matched with a continuing student, developing a peer-to-peer relationship to support the new students transition to CSULA
- ADVOCACY: Addressing the needs and concerns of the APIDA community through critical dialogue and raising awareness
- LEADERSHIP : Gain leadership and professional development skills and experience through supporting new students and engaging with staff and faculty
- SOLIDARITY : Building a community of APIDA-identified students through intentional connection to foster solidarity among the APIDA diaspora at CSULA


2022 APIDA Grad

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