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2018-2019 U-SU Board of Directors Results


Nathan Lee

For me, it's personally one of the greatest honors to be chosen for the Student Union board. I not only value the privileges and responsibilities of making my voice, and others' voices, be heard, but also of contributing to invigorate Cal State LA to be not just a campus, but a well-working, flourishing community that can serve the individual and personal needs and interests of its students. I firmly believe it is my civic duty to gladly serve my fellow students, as well as listen to and understand the various opinions, ideas, beliefs, and desires that students wish to have addressed but don't get the opportunity to talk about or simply aren't heard from. The campus can be its best only if it is held responsible to what it all comes back to- its inhabitants, the students. I plan to not only perfect and express real opinion on university programs, services, and policies, but to serve with distinction, get involved and shape the university's future to be better every day.


Medrik Minassian

I look forward to serve the Board of Directors and lead us into being a greater collective. As a student leader I will make sure that our facilities are accessible to more students and that we continue to serve the specific needs of all students. We are and we will continue to assist every student fulfill their potential. I will work with our respective administration to conduct more surveys and know the needs of all our students and to be able to tailor more programs that turns our problems into opportunities for growth and success. This is an opportunity to contribute to the greater collective purpose of our university. I will work to organize our events in ways that they reach out to more students and that more students feel connected to the campus and the institution through the Student Union. I will work with the guidance from our administration to have more networking events with our Alumni and build an even greater network and community on an off campus. With practical issues such as space management and time allocation I will work with our administration to manage our limited spaces in ways to accommodate more students and events through better time allocation. We will invite our student organizations to be more involved with the U-SU and be part of every event that we have. I will work with our organizations to support the efforts of U-SU and raise the 'Golden Eagle' spirit even more.


Candy Noriega

I am interested in serving on the board because I believe that there are still changes that need to be made to improve student’s interaction with the U-SU. I came in this year determined to make sure those ideas were brought up, but life waits for no one and there were many things that came at me with regards to my family that stopped my ability to continue a few weeks into the academic year. Unfortunately, I have not been able to move forward from them and more so at a standstill than I would like to be. Which is why I am aiming for this upcoming year in hopes that I can re-start with new determination to improve the student experience at the U-SU and serve the Cal State LA community the best possible way, bringing once again the ideas that I had prepared.


Duy Nuguyen

I’m interested in this position because I would like to be a part of making positive changes to the Cal State LA community. I want to serve in a leadership position in order to understand my classmates’ needs and how to improve the quality of student experience. I’m interested in exploring and developing effective ways to assist the management of University-Student Union, and how to develop and work toward goals in order to enhance student life on campus. I’m enthusiastic to connect with students, staff, and members in the community, and how we can work together to create effective changes for the university. I want to strengthen the relationship of USU with students by making sure that their voices are heard clearly, how to make these resources and services more accessible, and how to build a stronger community together at Cal State LA. I would like to be a positive difference-maker not only on campus but also in the community here at Cal State LA. If selected for this position, I would be honored to serve on the USU Board of Directors.


Salvador Pimentel

I am interested in serving my fellow students by advocating for them by any means possible. I have a firm belief in the role of the U-SU Board as a source of guidance and innovation on campus, and would love to have the opportunity to participate and accelerate any form of policy or program that can make the lives of my fellow students easier, healthier, safer, and more fulfilling. It is only through service of others that we can better ourselves and our environment.


Vanessa Pineda

I am interested in serving as a U-SU Board committee member to contribute to the decisions made in the U-SU. The University-Student Union is where I spend my majority of my free time for studying. I have peers who work in the Cross Cultural Center, Associated Student Inc., and Center for Student Involvement. Every time I visit their offices it really makes me want to get further involved in this building. I believe being part of the committee ties into my work. If there are any signs of improvement or opinions are needed, I would want to be part of the committee in making these decisions.


Jenika To

Cal State LA currently has a record enrollment of over 27,000 students! The success of attracting potential future notable alumni is now a growing possibility. Through this, I advocate for maximum student involvement and encourage the gain from utilization of available on-campus resources. In lieu of keeping everyone engaged, my previous experience from serving on the U-SU Board of Directors will be brought forth and I will bring to you only the best. My goal of enchanting Cal State LA school spirit and elevating student knowledge is ongoing and I will continue to instill longstanding pride to all. Go Golden Eagles!


Princess Josephine Umayam

I have been in the U-SU Board for the past two academic years and have learned so much from my experience and would just love to continue serving until I graduate.