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The University-Student Union Board of Directors is the governing board for the Student Union comprised of faculty, staff, and eight elected student leaders. The Student Directors represent their fellow students, build relationships with individuals across campus, and enact the mission of the Student Union and help to make the University-Student Union the best it can be!


Student Leader Election Voting

Monday, April 26th - Wednesday, April 28th and 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Use your phone, tablet or computer to vote for the University-Student Union Board of Directors and Associated Students, Inc. candidates. (GET app).

Student Leader Election: Results Reveal

Thursday, April 29th

Meet your incoming elected leaders on the University-Student Union Board of Directors and Associated Students, Inc.!

Meet The Candidates

Andrea Jaime

Andrea Jaime

I am qualified to be a part of the U-SU BOD because of the excellent leadership skills I have developed as a student leader here on our campus and in my professional career. I am currently a Career Coach with pervious leadership positions including being a mentor in UndocuProfessional Mentorship Program . I also currently am a Mentor in the PSP program where I help in bring resources to students in higher education. My goals for this year are to increase both student involvement and students knowledge of resources available on campus. I would increase student involvement by using social media platform to promote awareness of campus events and increase advertising student resources and programs for everyone to get more involved. I propose to increase student knowledge by holding more mental health and wellness activities, events , and workshops in order for students to have an organic and welcoming environment on campus. This is important because Anxiety is the top presenting concern among college students(41.6 percent), followed by depression (36.4 percent) and relationship problems (35.8 percent). Through providing student resources and knowledge on campus, I hope to improve students well being and support them with an open, fun, and safe space on a campus that supports them.

Dakayra Lino

Dakayra Lino

My name is Dakayra Aurora Lino and I feel that I am qualified to serve as part of the U-SU BOD because I have held several leadership positions prior to running. I am currently the Vice President of our school's Pre-Law Society and have held several other positions in office. I have also attended several leadership trainings hosted by the U-SU. My main goal for this year would be to prioritize student mental health and well-being, especially during this big time of adjustment for us all.

Picture of Salvador Guzman

Salvador Guzman

I am a first year student at Cal State LA studying Commercial Music with an emphasis on voice. While I have yet to become acquainted with the campus and all its communities, I hope to prioritize student needs and amplify their ideas to create real change through direct policy implementations and full transparency by the organization. I will prioritize student needs by holding routine communication with members of various clubs and organizations as well as the fiscal committee of the board to assert equitable distribution of funds and resources for all programs on campus. I will also dedicate attention to underrepresented groups of students on campus in terms of income, cultural identity, and areas of study so all communities on campus have the opportunity to be heard and have a chance to present ideas that will facilitate further inclusion and necessary accommodations.

Alyssa Wong

Alyssa Wong

My name is Alyssa Wong and I am a third-year Honors College student majoring in Biology. I currently serve as Vice President of the I AM PRE-MED Club and chair of the University-Student Union (U-SU) Board of Directors. Throughout these past two school years of serving as a U-SU Board of Director, I've been able to help represent and advocate for the diverse Cal State LA student population. It has been my ongoing goal to continue to encourage student involvement and engagement on campus. I'm passionate about providing students with opportunities to not only find a sense of community here at Cal State LA, but to also build upon those experiences. With the incorporation of new and improved resources, services, or events with departments such as the Center for Student Involvement and Cross Cultural Centers, I am dedicated to working hard to ensure students feel supported, included, and have their voices heard. As the U-SU mission says, "With open doors and minds, we provide space and opportunities enabling Golden Eagles to soar."

Hermine Torossian

Hermine Torossian

Serving as a U-SU Board Committee member will allow me the opportunity to meet influential, intelligent, and well-connected people. I have a consistent history of advancing shared organizational goals, which demonstrate my commitment to service. Making and generating real change calls for solution-oriented leaders, and I can say that I am confident enough to be that leader. As I meet new people, I will connect in meaningful ways and cultivate them by sharing resources and building valuable relationships throughout the campus.

Andrea Dominguez

Andrea Dominguez

No Statement Available

Election Results

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