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Cultural Graduate Celebration Cover

Dear Cal State LA Prospective Graduate,

Congratulations on your academic achievements and for reaching an educational goal you have worked toward for several years – GRADUATION! We are glad that you are participating in the Cultural Graduate Celebrations, sponsored by the Cross Cultural Centers at Cal State LA.

These ceremonies and celebrations are great opportunities to acknowledge your academic achievements, honor your families, communities, and other significant people in your lives, and to celebrate the cultural influences that have contributed to your academic success.

Participation is open to all students who register. We look forward to celebrating your Cal State LA graduation season with you!

Applications to participate in the graduate celebrations will be available on Friday, January 31 at through April 3, 2020 at Or until participant spaces are filled whichever comes first. We reserve the right to end registration.

Application Checklist

To participate in the cultural grad celebration and to proceed further when applications open on January 31th, the following will be required:

  1. 2x2 inch photo for upload
    • Starting January 31, 2020, participating students can visit the CCC (USU, 2nd floor, Room 206) to borrow a cap and gown to take their program booklet photos on site.
    • For more information please call 323-343-5001, the Cross Cultural Centers is open Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 7 PM and on Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM
  2. Acknowledgement 75 word statement
    • Please note, the acknowledgement statement DOES NOT need to be written in English.
  3. Method of payment
    • Online payments through paypal Icon (credit card or PayPal account) accepted only
    • Cost: $50.00 Plus $1.80 processing fee.


75 words or less; below you will find an example; we encourage you to personalize your
own acknowledgements.

Sample Acknowledgement: "I would like to thank my parents for their support and encouragement through my long journey at Cal State LA Without my family and friends, I would not have accomplished all my goals. I would also like to thank all my professors for pushing me to work harder. I am grateful for all the wonderful memories and great friends I made at this university, and I will keep striving for the next big thing."

Cultural Grad Photo Requirements:

Sample photos and diagram
Cultural Grad Photo Sample 1 Cultural Grad Photo Sample 2 Cultural Grad Photo Sample 3
  • You MUST provide 1 photo with each application Color or Black & White.
  • Professional attire.
  • Cap and gown preferred.
  • Starting January 31, 2020, participating students can visit the CCC (USU, 2nd floor, Room 206) to borrow a cap and gown to take their program booklet photos on site.
  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background.
  • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera (no selfie).
  • The head is about 1 inch from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head (see diagram).
  • Photo submitted will not be returned.
  • Digital photo needs to be in high resolution quality at least 200dpi.
  • File size at least 1MB.
  • Dimension of the photo is 2” x 2” or 600 x 600 pixels.
  • Your picture should be save as a jpeg, png, pdf or tiff only, no other format will be accepted.
  • Upload file as "LastName.FirstName.jpeg". Ex: "Doe.john.jpeg".
Cultural Grad Photo Sample 1

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