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CCC Goals Cover

CCC Staff Structure

  • Customer Service/Front Desk Assistants (5 - 7 students)
  • Program Coordinators (5 students: 1 each for APISRC, CLSRC, PASRC. 2 for GSRC: 1 for Women's and Men's Issues, and 1 for LGBT Issues)
  • Coordinators (3 Full Time Staff)
  • Director (1 Full Time Staff)

Evaluations and Reviews

The Cross Cultural Centers collects program evaluations for every program and event, administers surveys about student satisfaction with the CCC, and commits to a full Program Review process every five years. It is through these efforts that we measure the effectiveness of Student Learning Outcomes and CCC Goals and Objectives. Student Assistants are evaluated every six months. Full-time staff are evaluated every year.

CCC Student Learning Outcomes

Through involvement in Cross Cultural Centers programs and services, students will be able to:

  • Understand the heritages, experiences, and values of others, while valuing their own heritages, experiences, and values.
  • Understand how ethnicity, class, and gender interact in society.
  • Express their views and experiences around ethnicity, class, and gender by integrating their personal and classroom experiences.
  • Appreciate the role that the arts and cultural events can play in expanding their world view.
  • Identify or acquire a skill that will help with their Cal State LA experience or life after
    Cal State LA.
  • Acquire language that will help with their relationships with friends, family, and
    significant others.
  • Influence social change on campus and in society with creativity, integrity, and compassion.

CCC Statement Of Goals And Objectives

1. Provide leadership training and development opportunities for students.

    The Cross Cultural Centers will:
  • Provide comprehensive and ongoing training for student assistants and volunteers.
  • Present a variety of programs, conferences, trainings, and workshops geared toward student development.
  • Provide support and assistance to culturally-based student organizations.
  • Collaborate with other departments to support and present campuswide student development opportunities.

2. Operate an effective communication plan for each of the resource centers.

    The Cross Cultural Centers will:
  • Coordinate regular and ongoing meetings with CCC staff, program coordinators, and volunteers.
  • Provide message boxes and posting boards for CCC staff.
  • Provide message boxes and posting boards for affiliated student organizations.

3. Present cross-cultural programs for the University.

    The Cross Cultural Centers will:
  • Organize a variety of programs including films, lectures, discussions, readings, performances, conferences, and other special events during the fall, winter, and
    spring quarters.
  • Organize events for nationally-designated holidays and celebrations, such as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Black History Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and Cinco de Mayo.
  • Offer diversity trainings and workshops for the entire campus community.
  • Ensure that program coordinators from each of the four resource centers work together to plan collaborative, cross-cultural events.
  • Co-sponsor cultural programs presented by other Cal State LA academic and student service departments.
  • Publicize programs to the entire campus community via email, Cal State LA & U-SU websites, flyers and posters, and in-class announcements.

4. Develop and maintain resource libraries for each resource center.

    The Cross Cultural Centers will:
  • Develop and maintain culturally-focused resource libraries in each center that include books, journals, magazines, newspaper archives, and website listings.
  • Develop and maintain a cross-cultural audio and video library.
  • Maintain and update a database of all library collections.
  • Operate and monitor a library check-out system.
  • Add at least $2,000 in new materials to resource center libraries each year.

5. Create partnerships or collaborations with other University departments.

    The Cross Cultural Centers will:
  • Work closely with campus partners in programming and providing student
    support services.
  • Seek co-sponsorship of CCC events from Cal State LA academic and student
    service departments.
  • Co-sponsor programs presented by other Cal State LA academic and student
    service departments.
  • Organize programs that bring together individuals from a variety of departments from throughout the campus.
  • Develop relationships with faculty for their support for CCC events and service on resource center advisory boards.
  • Collaborate and support culturally-based student organizations.
  • Develop relationships with related community organizations.

6. Help enable student retention and recruitment.

    The Cross Cultural Centers will:
  • Collaborate with Orientation Programs and other departments in their outreach and recruitment efforts.
  • Assist in the presentation of youth outreach conferences and other events geared toward youth.
  • Lead tours and give presentations to visiting high school, middle school, and elementary school students.
  • Provide a variety of educational programs to enhance the student
    development experience.
  • Provide a safe space for students.
  • Provide a variety of services for students, including information on clubs and organizations, community groups and resources, and information on scholarships and job opportunities.
  • Organize and facilitate support groups and workshops geared toward the needs of
    Cal State LA students.
  • Provide academic resources for students, including libraries, computers, and printers.

7. Provide safe space and a welcoming environment for diverse communities.

    The Cross Cultural Centers will:
  • Ensure that the resource centers are welcoming, comfortable, inclusive, and safe for all students, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, economic background, ability, age, or other identifying factors.
  • Ensure that the resource centers are safe spaces, where comments that are considered racist, sexist, heterosexist, or may be considered offensive or controversial, are discussed/challenged from a student development/student learning perspective.
  • Provide educational materials, resources, and posters that reflect a variety of cultures and issues.
  • Provide extensive training to student assistants and volunteers to ensure that they help maintain a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Provide a space for culturally-based student organizations to hold meetings and events.

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