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There is always something to do at Cal State LA! Hundreds of programs are offered every year to challenge your mind, provide important information, introduce you to new people, or just to add some fun to your day. Get involved and take advantage of what Cal State LA has to offer!

Developing Wellness & Service Programs

  • Is your student organization interested in planning a wellness and/or service related event for
        Cal State LA students for spring 2020?
  • Does your student organization need support with planning the events?
  • Does your student organization need assistance with funding?

If you said yes to all 3, the Developing Wellness & Service Programs (DWSP) is here to support your student organization! Please apply below and DWSP will select 3 student organizations to work with for the 2019- 2020 academic year! Applications are due October 1st, 2019! For questions, please contact Veejay Atilano, Student Engagement Coordinator, at

Developing Wellness & Service Programs Application

The Applications are closed. Please come back later

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