2019–20 Mentor Application for "APIDA Ignite: Peer Mentorship Program"

2019–20 Mentor Application for "APIDA Ignite: Peer Mentorship Program"

The Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Ignite! Peer Mentorship program is dedicated to supporting APIDA students identity development and increasing a sense of belonging, support and engagement for APIDA students at Cal State LA.

APIDA Ignite! pairs first-year, transfer, and other Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) scholars with peer mentors.

Who are mentors?

Mentors identify as undergraduate or graduate APIDA students who are able and willing to help other APIDA students (mentees) explore and strengthen their sense of APIDA identity and get connected to resources.

Who are mentees?

Mentees identify as undergraduate or APIDA students that may be looking for a role model/guide/support to help them strengthen their sense of APIDA identity, help them increase a sense of belonging and knowledge of resources of campus, and to help them become involved.

How does it works

Mentors and mentees are paired based on their application, personality traits, and life experiences. We aim to pair one mentor with one mentee to establish a APIDA Ignite! Connection that creates space for growth, exploration, and support.

As Prospective Peer Mentors you Will:

• Strengthen your sense of APIDA identity and connection to the APIDA community.
• Learn about history and social justice issues related to the APIDA community.
• Develop basic counseling skills that you will implement when meeting one-to-one
    with mentees.
• Develop facilitation and leadership skills and will implement these in
   mentor-initiated workshops.

Mentor Requirements:

• Attend monthly mentor meetings.
• Able to meet and/or connect with mentee every 2 weeks.
• Attend one campus event with mentee per semester.
• Develop and facilitate at least one APIDA Ignite! Workshop with fellow mentors each    semester that focus on goal setting, leadership development, identity exploration,    community building and de-stressing.

Apply by Friday, September 6, 2019 to join our APIDA Ignite! Community!
We will notify you on September 13, 2019 if you have been selected.