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Board of Directors Elections

The University-Student Union's Board of Directors is the governing board of the Union. The purpose of the Board is to establish policy for the Union as a student body center for the benefit of students, faculty, staff and alumni at Cal State Los Angeles.

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Anniesa (Anna) Kuchison

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As a student at Cal State LA I have held leadership positions in many different organizations here on campus. I am currently hold three student leadership positions at Cal State LA as the Lobby Corps Officer for ASI as well as serving as the VP of External Affairs for the Cal State LA RHA(Resident Hall Association), and I am one the Philanthropy Coordinators for my sorority(Delta Phi Epsilon). I am also an intern reporter at the University Times and a member of Herman Unidas and the Cal State LA Pre-Law Society.

My goals for this year are to increase both student involvement, increasing student access to the resources we have here on campus, and better preparing students for life after college. I propose to increase student involvement by bringing more clubs and activities to Cal State LA and giving more resources to the clubs and activities that we already have. I propose to increase student access by making sure that these resources can be easily accessed by all students by doing things like making them available at later hours to accommodate students who work during the day and cannot make it to campus during the day. I propose to help prepare students for life after college by holding things like more grad school application workshops and career planning workshops so that students are prepared for life after. These issues are important to me because I want students to have the best possible college experience here at Cal State LA and be prepared for life after college.

Cameryn Alexis Mabry

Picture of Cameryn Alexis Mabry

I am qualified to be a part of the U-SU Board of Directors because of my superb leadership skills that I developed outside of Cal State LA. In programs such as my google marketing internship where I helped develop and launch an app or at my managerial and treasury position at my previous job for 6 months. This is my first year at Cal State LA, I hope to showcase my willingness to engage, understand and perform well with the U-SU BOD, students, and staff. Although, I am not currently active in any clubs or organizations on campus. I am interested in joining the gardening club and a sorority. I have attended many workshops and zoom meetings that have been offered and advertised around campus. I recently was involved in a focus group on campus, where the environment and culture of the school and housing was discussed. My goal is that students feel comfortable on campus to express their needs or wants and that they are heard. Heard, with the intention to assess. My goal is also that students who are not on campus daily feel just as involved as students who are, which in my opinion would require a wider range for marketing and publicity for events.

Josephine Thilo Yasuda

Picture of Josephine Thilo Yasuda

I am excited to serve as a member of the U-SU BOD as I feel that it invites an opportunity for diversity and advocacy on our campus. I have incubated my creative and leadership skills by serving in a Director position of Alpha Sigma Tau. In terms of goals, I hope to raise our student participation here on campus as well as student awareness. My materialised goal would be to improve the extracurricular webpage and head a media team under the U-SU BOD to raise consciousness of the various opportunities provided on campus relating to athletic, academic, creative or social endeavours. I advance the idea of doing social promotion for such activities and groups and further propose encouragement to be involved on campus. This is vital to CalStateLA as we navigate the transition from an early pandemic online system to something more of an endemic status.

Election Updates

Tabling Promo about BOD

Tuesday, February 15 | 12 PM - 1 PM

Tabling Promo about BOD

Monday, February 21 | 12 PM - 1 PM

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Sunday, March 6

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March 16 - March 18


March 22 - March 27

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Monday, April 18, U-SU Plaza, 10AM - 2PM
Monday, April 19, U-SU Plaza, 10AM - 2PM

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Thursday, April 21 - Ice Cream Social
Friday, April 22 - Ice Cream Social
Monday, April 25 - Baja Cali Food Truck, U-SU Plaza
Thursday, April 26 - Pinks Hotdogs, U-SU Plaza

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Thursday, April 28, U-SU Plaza, 5PM