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Cal State LA is home to over 150+ student organizations that represent a variety of student interests and plan hundreds of events each year. Student groups are categorized under the following themes: academic, cultural, political, professional, religious, spiritual, service, social, and recreational. These organizations provide limitless opportunities to achieve an active role on campus and to pursue individual interests. Finding a student organization that is right for you involves exploring what student organizations have to offer, attending their events and activities, and seeing yourself as part of the growing student organization community! For more information on these organizations and their upcoming events, check out the student organization online portal to help you find out more about what these groups have to offer.
  • Be on the lookout for flyers, banners, or postcards that advertise student group meetings and events. Attending these activities is a great and easy way to start your on-campus involvement.
  • Visit the Center for Student Involvement where you can find contact and program information for recognized student organizations.
  • Fill out the Interest Form. Want to learn more about specific clubs or groups? Complete and send the Center for Student Involvement Interest Form attached and we will forward your questions and information to groups you specify.

Looking for a list of student organizations at Cal State LA. Visit Presence to learn more about our recognized student organizations and their events.


Starting a new student club or organization at Cal State LA not only adds to the variety of communities available on campus but is also easy to do! It is through student organizations that Cal State LA’s spirit and traditions are created and preserved. Thank you for taking the initiative to begin a new student organization!

The Student Organization Registration Process has migrated online. For more information, please contact us at (323) 343-5110, or come by the Center for Student Involvement office, located in the
University-Student Union, Room 204.

Procedure To Apply For Recognition As A New Student Organization

1. Complete The Following Forms Online:

  • Student Organization Registration Form
    Cal State LA Student Organization Presidents seeking to gain or maintain University recognition should complete this form. In addition, this form is also used for University departments looking to create a
    department profile.
  • Student Organization Officer and Advisor Acknowledgment Form
    Cal State LA student organization officers and advisors seeking to gain and maintain University recognition must complete and submit this form annually and with any changes made to those positions.

Club Presidents and Treasurers Must Also Meet The Following Requirements:

All candidate (new) and incumbent (returning) officers of the organization must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements established for Minor Student Representatives Student Officers per CSU Executive Order 1068 and AP 802.

Minimum Academic Qualifications:

  • Must be matriculated and enrolled.
  • Must be in good standing and not on probation of any kind.
  • Undergraduate students must maintain a miniumum overall 2.0 grade point average each semester.
  • Graduate Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average each term to be considered in good standing.

Incumbent Unit Load:

  • Undergraduate students must earn six (6) semester units per term while holding office. Graduate and credential students must earn three (3) semester units per term while holding office.

Incumbent Maximum Allowable Units:

  • Undergraduate students are allowed to earn a maximum of 150 semester units or 125 percent of the units required for a specific baccalaureate degree objective, whichever is greater. Graduate and credential students are allowed to earn a maximum of 50 semester units or 167 percent of the units required for the graduate or credential objective, whichever is greater.
  • Students holding more than this number of units are ineligible for minor student government office.
  • Signed Standards for Student Conduct: Hazing and Non Discrimination Section (included on the Student Organization Officer Information Form) that affirm that the organization members will not haze, or restrict membership on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, gender identification, ancestry, marital status, citizenship, political affiliation, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, genetic information, covered veteran status, or any other classification that precludes a person from consideration as an individual. (Note: Social fraternities and sororities are exempt from membership practices based on gender under the provisions of Section 86.14 of Title IX, United States Code).
  • Presidents must initial the Organization Handbook Acknowledgement Section to acknowledge they have been directed to the electronic PDF format of the CSI Student Organization Handbook on-line through the CSI website and that it is the responsibility of its officers and group members to read, understand, and comply with the policies and procedures and any revisions made to the handbook.
  • All student organization officers and advisors must also review and sign the
    Cal State LA Alcohol Procedures & Prevention Resources form.

The Center for Student Involvement will conduct eligibility verification for president and treasurer positions each semester in collaboration with the University Registrar's office.

2. Submit Your Organization's Constitution and Bylaws

3. Attend The Sexual Violence Prevention and Resources Training

Cal State LA fraternities and sororities seeking or maintaining University recognition will be required to send 100% of their members to attend a Sexual Violence Prevention & Resources Training (SVPT) during the academic year. Non-Greek clubs and organizations will be required to send at least two (2) members to SVPT prior to registering and holding authorized events with alcohol or at venues where alcohol is served. For more information on the dates and to RSVP please contact CSI at

Benefits of Recognized Student Organizations

  • Use of certain University facilities at no cost (i.e. classroom space and walkway tables).
  • Eligibility for organization website.
  • Access to linking organization website with University-Student Union website.
  • Access to Advisor resources.
  • Access to publicize events on the Student Organization Calendar of Events Weekly E-mail.
  • Access to information on retreat planning, team builders, enhancing communication skills, officer transitions, and other organizational topics within the resource library.
  • Use of an organization mailbox located in the University-Student Union.
  • Use of flyer posting areas of the University for the purpose of publicizing organization events.
  • Use of audiovisual equipment on-campus.
  • Ability to request funding from the Associated Students, Inc.
  • Assistance from the CSI staff to help the organization function effectively through advisement, program planning, and leadership training.
  • Eligibility to open a Cal State LA Student Organization Account through the University-Student Union.

MON - THUR: 8 AM - 6 PM
FRI: 8 AM - 5 PM
Clubs Organizations Offices:
MON - FRI: 8 AM - 6 PM
5154 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Room 204, 2nd Floor, U-SU
Phone: 323-343-5110
Fax: 323-343-5101