Cal State LA University-Student Union

Operations and Reservations

The Operations Team consists of five divisions: building maintenance, building services, custodial services, media services, and union meeting and event services.


Building Maintenance

Fixing the ceiling light
Is responsible for the efficient upkeep of the University-Student Union including all equipment and furnishings in and around the facility. Additionally, this department addresses any electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, landscaping, and beautification needs of the building.

Building Services

Setting up a canopy
Supports the needs of students, faculty and staff who utilize space in and around the U-SU by providing dependable set-ups for events, meetings, and programs.

Custodial Services

Cleaning the windows
Is responsible for the general cleanliness of all areas in and surrounding the Union facility including all interior/exterior furnishings and addresses all concerns related to general housekeeping.

Media Services

Adjusting stage lighting
Assists in supporting the increased technical needs of the building and addresses a wide variety of programs and events that occur inside and outside of the U-SU by providing knowledgeable technical and theatrical support.

Info and Event Services

Handing a student paper an informative program
Is responsible for processing reservation requests and assisting sponsors with identifying the most efficient use of designated and programmable spaces of the University-Student Union.

Additional Information

Meeting Room Manual Request Form

Manual form to request and reserve a room and media services from the University-Student Union.


Media Equipment Rental Chart

CSULA University-Student Union media equipment rental fees.


MMRS Policies

The Mind Matters Relaxation Station is designated space to support restorative wellness. The intended use is for brief napping in a semi-quiet environment. Access to the room is limited to Cal State LA enrolled students only.


Meeting Space Rental Fees and Capacity Chart

CSULA University-Student Union meeting space rental fees and capacity.


Reservation Policies and Procedures (with Covid)

Reservation policies and procedures go over guidelines of how the scheduling of U-SU facilities, equipment, sign-up process, and payments are arranged.